Monday, September 16, 2013

If you are a first time home buyer or even a second or third time homebuyer this information is for you. . Down payments and credit scores will be the two most important elements in determing  your ability to buy,  the interest rate you will pay and the price of the home you can afford.  Most people looking to buy want to start the home search first...WRONG!  When you go grocery shopping, first you make sure you have enough money to buy what you need in your pocketbook...same goes when you are wanting to buy your own home. The first and MOST important thing you need to do is contact a Mortgage Consultant to discern your ability to buy and establish a price range that fits your budget. A Mortgage Consultant will generally ask you to fill out a mortgage application online, review your income, bills and credit scores and be able to comfortably tell you, based on the information you have provided (if you provide misinformation or forgot to give info it could affect your ability to buy and/or the amount the lender will allow for a mortgage)if you qualify for and establish a purchase price amount. Provided you do qualify for a mortage, the Mortgage Consultant will provide you with a PRE-QUALIFICATION LETTER bearing witness to you ability to purchase and the high end of the the price of a home they would give you a mortgage for. If you do not qualify for a  mortgage, the mortgage consultant can tell you why and a GOOD Mortgage Consultant can tell you what you can do to possibly obtain a mortgage in the future. In today's housing market it is more important than ever to have this PRE-QUALIFICATION LETTER in hand and a copy to the Real Estate Agent who you will be working with. The reason for this...if you find a home that you desperately want you will have a better chance of obtaining the home with a PRE-QUALIFICATION LETTER  attached to any offer you might make on a property.

At Lantier Realty we are here to guide you throught the home search process after you have obtained a PRE-Qualification Letter, knowing what price range you can afford, we can zone in on the price range you can afford, best location and best value.  If you have questions about this process feel free to contact me, Don Lantier, Broker and Owner of Lantier either by email: or call me directly at 770-309-5297.
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